About ME :)

I am a person that Accepts everyone. A young girl that is Blessed by an amazing family. I really like singing along with Catchy songs oh I forgot to mention that I hate Dogs. I love being Elaborate so people can have a better understanding. My name is Fatima, sorry I did not say that earlier. I can say that I am Generous because I love helping people in anyway. I am also Hardworking because I put all my heart into everything I do even if it is not fun. Because I am hardworking you can guess that I am Intelligent in anyway. I try not to be Jealous of others an just appreciate what I have or don’t have. I can be a Klutz sometimes. I love to Laugh just to keep the positivity in me. I always wished to be Majestic but I guess I am not. I hate Negativity. I love being Open to my friends and just set my mind free. I am a very Polite person. I tend to be Quiet every now and then. I feel the Respect is one of the things you need to have in order to be my friend. I am a Shy person at times. I get Tired easily in P.E. I am Unique in a way. I like Volunteering in things. I look muscular but to be honest I am Weak. I do not like Xenophobic people. I love eating Yummy food. I like Zigzag sorry I don’t really know what I like that starts with the letter Z.

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